Modern Choro

13/06/2017Brazilian Mandolin Phenom Danilo Brito Plays NPR's Tiny Desk At Lightning Speed

Hailing from São Paulo, 32-year-old Brazilian mandolin soloist and composer Danilo Brito is best known for his dextrous and virtuosic choro renditions, a popular Brazilian instrumental music genre said to have originated in 19th century Rio de Janeiro's streets and back yards. Choro (meaning 'cry' or 'lament' in Portuguese), despite its name, is usually marked by a fast-paced rhythm, a style that was an invaluable source of inspiration to many Brazilian greats, including the likes of Antonio Carlos Jobim or Heitor Villa Lobos.

After capping off their recent North American tour, Danilo Brito and his fellow musicians (Carlos Moura on 7-string guitar, Guilherme Girardi on guitar, Lucas Arantes on cavaquinho and Brian Rice on pandeiro), delivered a scintillating live performance for NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concert Series at lightning speed.

Tune in below to watch the entire five-track set, consisting of the following pieces: "Sussuarana", "Lamentos", "Tica", "Melodia Sentimental", "Pega Ratão".

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom