Afro Golden Line

19/05/2017Amir Bresler To Drop A Hot New 2-Track 7" On Raw Tapes

Tel Aviv-/Berlin-based tastemakers Raw Tapes return with a forthcoming digital/seven-inch vinyl release by Israeli drummer Amir Bresler, one of the most sought after percussionists on the block. Bresler, who was first exposed to the wonders of jazz music at age 15, today performs with some of the best jazz musicians in Israel as well as on prominent international stages around the globe. 

Some time ago, Bresler was approached by Meinl cymbals and asked to contribute four tracks to their drummers videos series. Bresler turned to his friend Yuval Havkin aka Rejoicer to help with the production side of things and was subsequently joined by some of his best friends and fellow musicians for the recording session. A few months later, he flew to Germany to record drums and film the new tracks at Meinl. Loving the results, he then decided to make them an official release, choosing two of the tracks to be made available to the public. 

The release's title track "Afro Golden Line" is a '70s African-high-life-inspired, odd-meter afrobeat track, featuring Sefi Zisling on trumpet and Uzi Ramirez on guitar, while "Fish" on the B-side (which is not yet available to be streamed) is a rework of an old L.B.T. track (originally featuring vocals by Büttering Trio's KerenDun) with additional composition by Beno & Nomok. In any case, we are more than excited to get our hands on this beauty and can't wait to hear more! Tune-in...

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom