Golden Day

02/06/2017Amsterdam's Turkish psych-folk combo Altın Gün take on Orhan Gencebay's "Goca Dünya"

There are some tunes that are instant classics. Take 1960s track "Goca Dünya" (Giant World) by Turkish icon Orhan Gencebay for instance, covered by Erkin Koray in 1972 and now rearranged by Amsterdam-based Turkish psych-folk formation Altın Gün (Golden Day) to make the A-Side on the second instalment of Swiss Bongo Joe Records imprint's brand new 7" vinyl series.

After performing in Istanbul alongside Jacco Gardner, bassist Jasper Verhulst discovered his passion for the Turkish sounds of the '70s and the likes of Selda Bağcan, Barış Manço or said Erkin Koray. Verhulst and fellow band members Ben Rider (guitar) and Nic Mauskovic (drums) set out to find Turkish musicians and revive this distinct sound. And so, Merve Dasdemir (vocals) and Erdinc Yildiz Ecevit (vocals, saz, keys) as well as percussionist Gino Groenevold (Jungle by Night) joined the group now known as Altın Gün:

"Altın Gün play songs from the aforementioned artists from the '70s and their lesser-known contemporaries and also make their own arrangements of Turkish traditionals. This way different worlds meet and form a refreshing danceable sound." That being said, do check out the release from the Bongo Joe Bandcamp page and play it loud. The 7" is limited to 400 so be quick. This is really amazing stuff!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom