Soviet Grooves

24/07/2017Russian Imprint Spasibo Records Reissues Two Tracks By Legendary Underground Rock Musician Yuriy Morozov

Spasibo is Russian for 'thank you' and it is thus befitting that we show our gratitude and appreciation to Saint Petersburg label Spasibo Records, who have taken it upon themselves to unearth and reissue a string of 45s hailing from the former Soviet Union.

Earlier this year, the Spasibo team released a limited 7" vinyl by the late "soviet rock composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer (for former record label Melodiya)" Yuriy Morozov (1948-2006), one of the first underground rock musicians to make 'then illegal' home recordings. After digging through all of his 60 albums, two tunes made it onto the release. Side A bears the wicked instrumental track "Inexplicable 4", featuring a crispy drum break, modulated psychedelic synth sounds and eerie distortion to make for an fascinating listening experience, while Side B hosts the equally mesmerising "Rock For Marina", a track dedicated to Morozov's wife Marina Morozova.

Along with the 7" Spasibo Records went on to release a short documentary on the life and work of Yuriy Morozov as well as several of his books. You see, the prolific Morozov was also a poet, writer, yogi, vergetarian, philosopher and electrician. Listen to the (sold-out) release on Bandcamp and watch the mini-documentary below:

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom