16/07/2017Furthering Artistic Exchanges Between Lusophone Africa & Germany

Kicking off in Cologne on Monday (July 17, 2017) is part two of this year's LusAfro festival, curated by the likes of Daniel Haaksman, Francis Gay and José da Silva. The festival, promoting the musical and cultural exchange between artists from Portuguese-speaking 'lusophone' Africa (Angola, Cabo Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe) and Germany, enters stage two, as part of the Cologne-based Cosmo Radio's (formerly Funkhaus Europa) Odyssee Festival, which will feature a LusAfro stage with joint performances by the LusAfro roster of artists.

Part one took place on the Cape Verde Islands back in April, within the framework of this year's Atlantic Music Expo (AME), including Cabo Verde artists the likes of Dino D'Santiago, Rapaz 100 Juiz, Nissah Barbosa, Fattú Djakité, Alberto Koenig, Ceuzany, Batchart and Helio Batalha as well as German artists such as Sasha Perera, Africaine 808, Seiji, Kalaf (formerly of Buraka Som Sistema) and, last but not least, Daniel Haaksman himself. Also joining in the fun were artists from Mozambique, Portugal and Angola, namely DJ Marfox, Tony Amado, Buruntuma and Dama do Bling.

Following initial rehearsal and studio time at Cologne radio WDR's studios the Odyssee open air festival will travel the North Rhine-Westphalian (NRW) region to perform in the cities of Hagen (July 19th), Recklinghausen (July 20th), Mülheim (July 21st), Bochum (July 22nd). The Odyssee roadshow lineup will include performances by up-and-coming Cabo Verde vocal talent Fattú Djakité (Guinea Bissau / Cabo Verde), Creole rapper Helio Batalha (Cabo Verde), Berlin-based electronic soundsystem Africaine 808, Cape Verde rap duo Rapaz 100 Juiz, raucous tropical two-piece Gato Preto (Mozambique / Germany), the multi-talented Dama do Bling (Mozambique), Man Recordings' Daniel Haaksman, the great Cesaria Evora's heiress, singer Lucibela (Cabo Verde / Portugal), emerging DJ/producer Buruntuma (Guinea Bissau / Portugal) and gorgeous vocalist Ceuzany (Cabo Verde).

Check out the LusAfro SoundCloud page to sample a few of the artists involved or check out Fattú Djakité's "Bendedera di Sol" below.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom