Son Palenque

28/08/2017The Legendary Colombian Group Returns With Album No. 16 And Michi Sarmiento

Fresh off the press on pioneering Afrocolombian imprint Palenque Records, founded in 1996 by Lucas Silva, is album number 16 by the legendary Son Palenque. Founded in 1980 by Justo Valdez, the group has made a name for itself by re-working the strong musical tradition of San Basilio de Palenque in northern Colombia. Their innovative and surprising fusions include African rhythms ranging from "soukous, to afrobeat and highlife" as well as "Palenquero rythms such as bullerengue, chalupa, or cantos lumbalu".

Their latest 12-track effort "Kutu Prieta pa Saranguia", recorded alongside the tremendous Colombian sax player Michi Sarmiento, is a stunner, a quickening lightning bolt of sound, both energising and mesmerising. Right off the top this ensemble beckons towards the dancefloor and not once relinquishes its hold. Each track ist a vibrant source of body-moving chants, melodies and rhythms to keep your mood afloat and your ears attuned.

Stream the entire album here on Bandcamp. Or listen to "La Negra" off their 2012 album "Kamajanes de la Musica Palenquera" in the SoundCloud player above.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom