Under Burning Skies

22/09/2017Brilliant New Album By Canadian Collective The Souljazz Orchestra Releases Today

Today marks release day for The Souljazz Orchestra, as they propel their brand new 10-track effort into orbit on Strut Records with "one of their finest albums to date". Earlier this year we premiered their viciously energetic single "Lufunki". Now, the skies are ablaze with thumping tropical styles, tinged in a hue of jazz, soul, lofi disco, boogie and electronic influences, all decked out in vintage '80s synthesizers, drum machines and accompanying horn stabs heralding change. The acclaimed and fast-moving Canadian collective returns with a bag full of funky tricks entitled "Under Burning Skies", an album to keep us warm as times literally grow colder. 

"Turbulent times call for strong voices and The Souljazz Orchestra’s new set packs a suitably heavy lyrical punch, with wry observations and an urge for progressive change", as their "earthy analogue sound" unfolds its musical magic. "Dog Eat Dog" sets the record straight with an "infectious Afro-disco groove", before the scarily effective "Lufunki" blasts by, only to enter 'phonkier' realms on "Is Yeelyel", reworking the Somalian Dur-Dur Band into a frenzy. "Oublier Pour Un Jour" lulls us in a deep Franco-Caribbean trance, before "Under Burning Skies" takes a saxy dip in the evening sun. Then it's back to the stomping grounds of "Holla Holla", paired with some "Adawe Boogie" and soaring vocals to make all our "Sorrows Fly Away". "Tambour A Deux Peaux" draws us in for one last palpitating dance, at the end of which the more melancholy "Aduna Jarul Naawo (feat. Élage Mbaye)" drops the curtain. 

Watch opener "Dog Is Dog" below and make sure to stream/buy this gem over on Bandcamp. 15 years and still going strong. The Souljazz Orchestra is far from finished. Catch them on tour, if you can.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom