09/10/2017Egyptian/Australian Songstress Mariam Sawires Readies Soulful Debut EP

We first chanced upon Egyptian/Australian singer/songwriter Mariam Sawires at a gig in Berlin on a cold day back in April and were absolutely blown away by one, this young lady's poise and then, if not simultaneously, by her gorgeous musicality and silky vocals to go along. You can imagine our delight with her recently released debut EP "Ahnuma", which we strongly recommend you lend an ear to. 

"My life has allowed me to experience many different cultures, countries, traditions and customs, ideas, beliefs, ways of thinking so I want to be open and just share one unique perspective - one that has observed and appreciates many, and of course hopes to increase truth, love and light in this world."

And so, as the days grow shorter here in Germany, the temperatures begin to drop and the people start preparing for winter, we feel drawn to Mariam Sawires' soulful energy and lovely 'Badu'-like song. You can stream/buy the full EP over here. Looking forward to what's next.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom