15/10/2017Fortuna Records Unearth Compilation Of Haunting Yemenite Israeli Funk

It's back to the Middle East, where Tel Aviv-based imprint Fortuna Records has not so silently been making a name for itself with a host of mind-blowing reissues. Latest in their repertoire of musical excavations is "Da'asa", a compilation of rare Yemenite Israeli Funk tracks 1974-1982.

"Ranging from extremely rare to previously unreleased, these tracks are a result of a unique scene [of Yemenite immigrants to Israel] which blended funk, soul, jazz & disco with traditional Yemenite rhythms & sounds."

What's more, the 8-track selection also includes an unreleased track by Yemenite jazz singer Tsvia Abarbanel from 1969, while the gatefold LP comes with a 14-page booklet to shed some light on the history behind these extraordinary compositions. Listen to the full album in the SoundCloud player above, featuring tracks by Reuma Abas, David Dor, Aharon Amram, Lehakat Tzliley Ha'oud, Duo Tsafri, Yehezkel Matari and The Amranim.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom