The Swiss Conspiracy

13/11/2017A True "Délire Nostalgique" By One Of Switzerland's Best Kept Secrets (Vol. 1 & 2)

A mountain is a mountain is a mountain, one would think. And so a few years ago, acclaimed musicians / emigrant music producers Christoph H. Müller (Gotan Project) and Moses Iten (Cumbia Cosmonauts) came together to translate their shared Swiss origin and mutual passion for Latin American rhythms, from tango to cumbia, into a musical project dubbed The Swiss Conspiracy. The result being a unique brand of "Alpine Cumbiero" or as Müller describes: "A kind of cultural boomerang … and a geographical proximity: the Alps meet the jungle / the Andes. All with the tools of electronic music."

In 2013 the duo released volume number one of its "Délire Nostalgique" series, succeeded by volume number two in 2015. Each EP holds seven hybrid tracks and remixes thereof by the likes of Iten's Cumbia Cosmonauts, Lewis Can Cut, Galambo, Chancha Via Circuito and Acapulco Zombie. In a 2015 interview with French online publication Couvre X Chefs, Müller offers some valuable insights on the project as well as a track by track rundown of EP #2 and even shares a free Chico Sonido remix of their track "Alarm Alarm", which you can hear in the SoundCloud player above.

We will now let you delve deep into the sounds of one of Switzerland's best kept secrets and enjoy their sonic exploration of "questions of identity, globalization of music and culture, memory" and so much more. Watch the brilliant video to "Cumbia Alpina" below as well as the teaser video to the premier "Délire Nostalgique" EP right here. This just doesn't get old. Will there be a third volume anytime soon? We definitely hope so.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom