14/02/2020Accra's Jowaa Unleashes Strictly Physical Five-Tracker Of Electric Kpanlogo-Inspired Club Tunes

It's the moment we've all been waiting for: the weekend is here! Sure, you might be running low on energy after yet another week at your nine to five, but we know a remedy that will have you getting down on the dance floor in no time.

Hot on the heels of "Asokpor 1.0" Ghanaian producers Jowaa (aka Gafacci & BBRAVE) are back with another banging five-tracker.  "Manjaano" features a bass-heavy assortment of mind-bending club tunes, "fueled by Accra's rich rhythmic tradition."  

'Jo waa' means 'dance hard' in Ga, a language spoken in and around Accra. And there is little to no doubt that hard dancing is just what these tracks will have you doing. These here are "afrobeats for the rave age," an electrifying form of Ghanaian kpanlogo that is strictly physical. 

You can stream the full release below and even download it straight to your personal home entertainment system. Rest assured, your neighbours will love you.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom