Marching On

24/02/2020Our Jewish Monkeys Return To Germany To Present New Album "Catastrophic Life" Live

With just a bit over two and a half weeks to go, our very own Jewish Monkeys have laced up their sneakers and ironed their matching sweatsuits as they prepare to hit the Autobahn once again. That's right fans, your favourite band of 'jewiatrics', Tel Aviv's self-proclaimed grandfathers of punk will be back in Deutschland shortly, bringing their current third studio album to life, "Catastrophic Life" that is.

This time, the band will be performing live in the cities of Chemnitz, Fürth, Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, Hannover, Darmstadt and their second home of Frankfurt. The Frankfurt date will be presented by German public radio hr2-kultur. Check our shows page for a comprehensive list of dates, ticket and event links. 

You can stream/buy the album below, which is now also available as a limited vinyl

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom