J'ai Traversé La Mer

10/10/2020Guadeloupean Cult Artist Edmony Krater Returns To Heavenly Sweetness With Gwo Ka-Inspired Jazz Fusion Album

Time is relative, when travelling the ocean, torn from Africa and resettling to Guadeloupe. Hundreds of thousands made this crossing, a Black diaspora, caught up in the violent slave trade, yet ultimately giving birth to a rich Antillean culture of its own. Many of its "descendants have since become famous writers, poets, leaders, athletes and of course, musicians." Such is also the story of cult Guadeloupean percussionist, singer, author, composer and self-taught trumpet player Edmony Krater. 

Back in August, Krater, who came to fame as a former member of widely celebrated Gwo Ka group Gwakasonné, released his latest album "J'ai Traversé La Mer" on Paris-based imprint Heavenly Sweetness. Presenting an infectious fusion of contemporary jazz with traditional Gwo Ka rhythms and digital arrangements that are far from folkloristic, the longplayer instantly struck a chord and we were quick to feature the fantastic track "Arawak & Karayip" in our Greedy for August Spotify playlist. 

With time, we felt that we absolutely needed to include this masterpiece in our magazine and so, here we are, listening to it from start to finish, discovering new elements each time we hit play. Krater is backed by an all star lineup of Antillais musicians, adding their own instrumental brilliance to the avant-garde vision, the likes of Roger Raspail (percussion), Sonny Troupé (drums), Julian Babou (bass) Jonathan Jurion (keyboards) and the great Florian Pellissier on synths. 

"J'ai Traversé La Mer" is a deeply grooving and equally moving affair, revealing amazing beauty and, most of all, promise; quite like staring out across an ocean. You can stream/buy the full album below.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom