20/08/2020Fortuna Records Reissue Larger Than Life Greek Tavern-Style Masterpiece By Little-Known Moroccan Singer

Where do we even begin? The cover? "Koko" is the latest quality release on Tel Aviv-based Fortuna Records, an imprint that has been delivering straight fire in regular intervals over the past years (Grazia, Levitros, Da'asa, Tsvia Abarbanel and more). Scouring the Levant for the rarest of grooves, their reissues always hit the spot. 

Enter "Koko", a scorching album by a little known artist from Morocco. But it gets even etter: "Following the Israeli Greek-craze of the ’60s and ’70s, Moroccan singer Koko learned how to sing in Greek and delivered this tavern-style party masterpiece. Organs seer through hard drums and pounding bass while Koko’s deep voice guides through the evocative world of Greek tsifteteli."

As a stranger to the Greek language, we would not have been able to tell. This record simply sounds too good, blending hip-shaking rhythms with mind-bending chords and winning confidence, Koko seems larger than life. Bringing us back to the equally impressive cover, which sees him towering over a replica of a stone fortress, hands confidently resting on his hips and deep blue bell-bottom slacks, a gold Star of David conspicuously resting on his chest with a macho air surrounding his persona. What more could you possibly want? 

"Koko" by Koko officially releases on Fortuna Records this Friday, August 21st. 

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom