02/09/2020Bogotá's Frente Cumbiero Release Psycho-Tropic New 7" On Names You Can Trust

Bogotá's torchbearers of modern-day cumbia return to the Brooklyn-based Names You Can Trust imprint, where they released their 2010-debut "Pitchito", with another scorching two-tracker ready to set dancefloors ablaze.

The explorative four-piece led by the multi-talented Mario Galeano Toro (Ondatropica, Los Pirañas) has made a name for itself on the international scene with its new-age concoctions of Colombian roots music, ranging from cumbia to subgenres such as gaita, porro, vallenato or caracolito. Retracing the country's musical lineage Frente Cumbiero have fashioned their own brand of mind-expanding, psycho-tropic swing.

While Side A features "Porrovía", its chugging, salt-shaker rhythm and wicked, winding bassline accompanied by elaborate sax and synth stabs, Side B brings us "El Método De La Cera Perdido", a more laid-back, keyboard-led journey into what one might, quite simplistically pigeonhole as forward-thinking Latin jazz.

You can stream/buy the full release or watch the recently released video to their latest border-crossing collaboration with Japan's Minyo Crusaders, alias Minyo Cumbiero, below.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom