22/04/2021Daniel Haaksman Invites Us To Keep On Dancing With Tropical New Single And Feathery Companion Visuals

Beckoning us to join him on his latest tropicalia-tinged, club-ready single "Vem" is Berlin-based producer, DJ, radio host, journalist and Man Recordings label founder Daniel Haaksman. Haaksman has long been a purveyor of global bass and tropical styles, ranging from his 2004-released "Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats" compilation to his 2016-realeased "African Fabrics" LP and his 2020-released "Black Atlantica Edits". So it may not come as a surprise that his latest single release is another thrilling invitation to, well, shake it. 

"Vem" is the Portuguese word for 'come'. It's a slightly melancholy use of the imperative verb form, alluding to the worldwide cultural lockdown that has occurred in light of the global pandemic. But it also stands for the visceral urge to move: "Though clubs are still closed in most parts of the world due to the pandemic situation, the human urge to dance in a club or on a festival dancefloor amongst fellow dancers has grown to gigantic dimensions in the last couple of months," the description reads.

As such, Haaksman's latest instrumental invite couldn't have come at a better time and might be enjoyed in both contexts, be it on a potent club-style soundsystem or your more modest home hi-fi setup. The single is accompanied by an extended as well as a beatless version and, last but not least, brilliant minimalistic yet colourful animations of tropical birds just strutting their stuff, by Berlin-based motion designer Vinzent Britz. Check the animated companion visuals below and stream/buy the full release here

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom