Introspection / Migration

24/02/2021J.H. Guraj Embarks On A Guitar-Led, Nomadic Journey Of Inner Resettlement Via Maple Death Records

What have we here? Country? Western? Flamenco? As the sounds of J.H. Guraj's guitar come tumbling out of our speakers we cannot help but wonder, where's this coming from and where's it going? Mysterious yet familiar and most definitely enticing, we decide to wander down the same dirt road, marveling at each and every unfamiliar turn. Is this free-flowing improvisation or premeditated ? 

J.H. Guraj released his bountiful opus back in the summer of 2020 on London-/Bologna-based label Maple Death, an independent imprint "living the unexplored noisier side of things," which seems like a good enough synopsis to point us in the right direction. Guraj is the alias of one Dominique Vaccaro, who, back in 2014, "embarked on a two day recording spree [...] using a resophonic guitar, a distinct unifying songbook theme and his usual freestyle wizardry" that would eventually become "Introspection / Migration".

"Informed by his work over the last ten years as a visual artist and electro-acoustic musician, he kept chipping away, adding layers, sounds, field recordings, percussion while maintaining the pureness, soul and integrity of the original guitar recording; a five year long inner journey, a long drawn-out process of migration and settlement," the description reads.

Guraj's persistence, determination and willingness to travel the unknown have paved the way to a beautiful musical moment and an extraordinary piece of work. "There is no burden of history in Guraj’s music, there is movement, resolution and exodus, a reassembling of the soul through instinctive and unique guitar-delia." Such is the inner resettlement that his nomadic arrangements inspire, the promise of attaining new clarity by placing trust in the unexpected. 

"Inspiration / Migration" was recorded using resophonic and acoustic guitar, a nose pipe, bass, drums, percussion, harmonica, a Casiotone MT-35 and field recordings. To stream J.H. Guraj's mesmerising avant-folk in full, simply click on the player below or visit the Maple Death on Bandcamp

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom