Tuff Time$

14/07/2021Johannesburg-Based Duo Stiff Pap Unveils Riveting And Fiercely Uncompromising New Album

It comes as no surprise that the title "Riders on the Storm", a track made world-famous by The Doors, would come to be the opener of Stiff Pap's recently released album project "TUFF TIME$", seeing as they are literally out there riding the current storm. Strained economies, a worldwide pandemic and local South African strife add to the Johannesburg-based duo's riveting mix of progressive electronic styles, blending an alternative hiphop spirit with African lyrics and rhythms. Championed by a heavy dose of "uncompromising self-expression" and punk attitude, Ayema Problem and Jakinda are undeniably en route to global stardom.

"TUFF TIME$ is a semi-autobiographical story of rebellious black youth in Johannesburg’s inner city - rebelling against a broken system that South Africa’s born free generation has inherited. Growing up in an era of great hope for the new post-apartheid South Africa, Stiff Pap’s abrasive expression aims to disrupt all perceptions of Mandela’s 'rainbow nation', opening a conversation rooted in post-colonial discourse. In a time where global economies are strained, living as young black artists in the most unequal country in the world provides a sense of urgency to Stiff Pap’s rage and TUFF TIME$ serves as a rallying call for radical change."

The release notes tell a tale of palpable anger, but also reveal an uncanny drive to succeed and pursue one's dreams in spite of the dire circumstances. "TUFF TIME$", in terms of the listening experience, is full of surprises and an impressive journey into a whole new world of possibility: from effervescent gqom- and kwaito-inspired beats to expansive mindfields, 'Berlin dungeons', glitchy switches and "punked-out rap bangers," Stiff Pap are currently at the forefront of an innovative, yet fiercely independent new generation that is in it to win it. As such, the duo is set to "stake [its] claim as one of the most groundbreaking and engaging acts to come from the African continent."

We encourage you to stream the full album via the player below and check out the powerful "TUFF TIME$ NEVER LAST" short film below.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom