So La Ma La

23/07/2021North-Ghanaian Kologo-ologist Guy One Returns To Philophon Records With Frafra-Driven 7" Release

Bolgatanga's one and only (no pun intended) Guy One returns to Max Weissenfeldt's Berlin-based Philophon imprint with an infectiously upbeat two-track 7" release and a brand new band. The award-winning Kologo authority leads the way with his two-stringed proto-banjo, accompanied by "Kumasi's finest young talents, plus Florence Adooni and Tenni Akagam as his choir voices." 

On the A-side, "So La Ma La" hits the ground running with "a straight-forward Highlife rhythm" and a "funky afrobeat-like bass line" to joyous, mantric effect. On the flipside "Kale Na'nabala" builds on a "traditional Kete rhythm, a bouncy poly-rhythm in 12/8," keeping the pedal to the metal and displaying dizzying virtuosity. Naturally defined by Guy One's Kologo lines and backed by soulful Frafra vocals, both sides are wonderfully produced and stick like glue.

Click on the player below to stream/buy the full release and catch the vibe. 

Guy One (vocals, Kologo)
Florence Adooni (vocals)
Tenni Akagaam  (vocals)
K.D. (organ)
King Fi’i  (bass)
Butik (drums)
Magsi (percussion, synthesizers)

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom