Globalwize Radioshow #394

21/09/2021Listen To Jean Trouillet's Latest Far-Reaching Selection On A Journey Through Time And Space

"What's this we're hearing," we ask ourselves as we hit play on Weltbeat selector and host Jean Trouillet's latest two-hour selection of truly fascinating music from near and far. Now streaming exclusively in our Greedio Mixcloud channel and previously aired on Frankfurt's Radio X, Jean's  "Globalwize Radioshow #394" kicks off on an intriguing note, drawing us in off the bat. So let's provide some more detail:

Said first track is taken from the recently remastered reissue of Belgian imprint Crammed Discs' iconic "Made To Measure" series of music to accompany films, theatre pieces, modern dance, fashion shows and more, this one being Volume 15 and the thrilling outcome of a chance encounter between writer, visual artist and analog synth poet Benjamin Lew and Tuxedomoon frontman Steven Brown. After playing another botanic track from the same album, Jean lines up two tracks off the latest album by the Norwegian 'future jazz' quartet of Nils Petter Molvaer. We remain in a realm of progressive sounds with two tracks of the fourth album by Cypriot avant-folk outfit Monsieur Doumani, which you can read up on here. Then it's off to Lecce behind the Taranta and Pizzica traditions of Mauro Durante's Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino and their new album "Meridiana", a true work of art and passion. Speed Caravan is up next, an Algerian-French project combining Nuba traditions with electronic influences to mesmerising effect, before Istanbul's interplanetary three-piece Islandman presents its very own "Music for Dreams", a spheric psychedelic smorgasbord rooted in Anatolia, but also featuring Malian Tuareg band Tamikrest. 

We then turn to Sweden, home of Senegalese kora virtuoso Maher Cissoko, who just released his latest album "Heritage", on which he collaborates with griot musicians from his family, and whose reverence for African traditions ties in well with the French nine-piece afro-fusion collective Balaphonics, named after the balafon and adding modern twists of their own. This brings us to the recently released second volume of the excellent "Two Tribes" compilation, "an intercontinental journey in rhythm," shining a light on contemporary European artists incorporating African musical traditions in their work, such as Berlin, Potsdam-based nine-piece Wanubalé or Danish six-piece The Kutimangoes. And so we move on to Cameroon and Analog Africa's recently released surprising compilation of "Garage Funk". As we draw closer to the end of the show, we tune in to a track off a brilliant new album by Jamaican legend Big Youth and seasoned French producer Martin Nathan, aka Brain Damage, released earlier this year on Jarring Effects. Then it's a fresh take on Johann Sebastian Bach by Frankfurt duo The OhOhOhs and, finally, a move into the forest alongside German composer and conceptual artist Hendrik Weber, better known as Pantha du Prince. 

Listen to the full show in our Mixcloud channel or via the player below and view the full playlist here. Stay safe and keep those ears pricked.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom