Lost in Latin Music #07

22/06/2021Latinologist DJ Hans Shares Special Broadcast On The COVID-19 Pandemic And Its Effects On Latin Music

Latin-Mag's DJ Hans is back with a special broadcast on the current situation of the Latin American music scene and the effects of COVID-19 on local artistic production. "The pandemic hit Latin America with an unbelievable force. The music industry is down, while state support for musicians and promoters is almost entirely lacking," says DJ Hans, as he proceeds to present his view on the state of affairs for latin music.  

As usual, the show kicks off with Fruko y Orquesta's "Mambo #5", but is then choked off; a symbolical start to a show, detailing the plight of the Latin American music industry struggling in times of Corona. Trying to fill the void left by failing authorities, some artists have taken on new roles in their music: For instance, in his "La Cumbia Del Coronavirus", Mister Cumbia takes on the role of an educator, sharing tips on how to wash your hands and best protect yourself. DJ Hans then moves on to Brazil and the contemptuous cultural policies of Jair Bolsonaro as well as the Covid-related passing of several Brazilian greats, i.e. João Gilberto or lyricist Aldir Blanc. Other artists such as Chico César, who composed a song openly criticizing Bolsonaro and his supporters, were subsequently silenced by the right-wing mob. In Peru, Los Chuguranos released a YouTube hit dedicated to the Corona virus, imploring it to "take the settlers, but leave my Peru in peace," referring to those exploiting the Amazon region for its natural resources and spreading the virus among its natives. Brazilian MC Jottapê on the other hand released a hit entitled "Quarantena", which sees him enjoying the quarantine with his love and spreading positive vibes. Established Brazilian vocalist and percussionist Carlinhos Brown, however, took to re-recording some of his older music to make up for a decrease in live performance, i.e. his 2021-released album "Umbalista Verão (Ao Vivo)". Nearing the end of his show, DJ Hans presents the recent "3 Sessions in a Greenhouse" release by forward-thinking Brazilian new wave artist Lucas Santtana and his Selecão Natural, before closing on a hopeful note with Fruko y Orquesta's "Cocaleca". 

You can stream the full show in our Greedio channel on Mixcloud and, if you feel so inclined, leave us a comment. Shout out to DJ Hans for another worthwhile show!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom