Greedio X February '21

12/03/2021Listen To Our Extraordinary 20-Track Playlist Inspired By The Past Month

Our monthly Spotify playlist format returns as we look back at the past month and the musical gems it bestowed upon us. As usual, we did our best to branch out in all directions and return with an extraordinary 20-track lineup from around the globe worth your while. Here's what we have to offer: 

Kicking off our "Greedio X February '21" playlist is one of the best tributes to the late MF DOOM we've heard so far, by ways of Jaubi from Lahore, Pakistan. Their "Figaro" farewell is still up for grabs on Bandcamp by the way. Next up it's Thomas Blanchot, aka Mato, with a cut off his "Scary Dub" project on Favorite Recordings, delivering exclusive dub versions of some of the most famous horror movie soundtracks. We move on to more spheric productions by Liverpool's Aratita Electronik Jazz Quintet and, after that, the nomadic guitar-led sounds of J.H. Guraj. Transitioning into the blues of Olu Dara (the father of rapper Nas) we then take a trip to Brazil with some Welsh tropicalia by Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18 and then on to Germany with Anatolian grooves by Mustafa Kuş and his band İmece, followed by iconic Turkish psych-rockers Bunalım. After a short layover in "Sài Gòn" with Trúc Mai and Saigon Supersound's Jan Hagenkötter, we dive into the soundscapes of the Swedish-Senegalese Wau Wau Collectif and then return to Brazil with the intergalactic psych of Os Barbapapas. New York's supergroup Combo Lulo and vocalist Alba Ponce de León serve up a winding slice of cumbia, aka "Culebra Mentirosa" (engl. "Lying Snake"), before we take a bite of Peruvian producer QOQEQA's forward-thinking electronic fruit. Heading leftfield, we tune into a track off the forthcoming album "Modern Uganda" by Polish trio delay_ok. Then it's off to the club, with a brilliant collaborative effort by Falle Nioke, a singer and percussionist from Guinea-Conakry, and producer Ghost Culture, leading into a stupendous production by Santiago de Chile's Bvha. In closing, we venture into jazzier territories, featuring new material by New Zealand percussionist Myele Manzanza and Franfurt-based beat maker and piano player halfpastseven, before we round things off with a highly sought-after and recently reissued reggae funk slow jam by Muchos Plus and a chilled-out slice of instrumental hiphop by Tohaj & Midan.

For the full experience, simply click on the embed player below or head straight to Spotify and, as always, share if you like!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom