Greedy for November

14/12/2020Listen To Our Latest Monthly Selection Of Extraordinary Tracks From Planet Earth

Better late than never, we bring you our newest Spotify playlist comprising twenty of our favourite tracks for the month of November. We started this format back in May and have really taken a liking to compiling these monthly selections. While our main focus remains on bringing you the latest releases from around the globe, you might be surprised to find the occasional classic in our lineup, as we take things one musical discovery at a time.

Our "Greedy for November" playlist kicks off with fresh produce by hyper-talented beatmaker Thelonious Coltrane and ensues with a vintage '70s gem from Mauritius off a recent compilation on Born Bad Records. Next, it's an exciting new collaboration between Paris-based quintet Baeshi Bang and the traditional Seoul-based collective Ip Koa Son, before Yemeni band El Khat take us on a tour of the Arab Peninsula and we head on to Mali behind the sounds of Berlin-based big band the Omniversal Earkestra. Then it's off to Benin to present a track performed by the astonishing Star Feminine Band. Spiritual jazz visionary and legendary multi-percussionist Kahil El'Zabar then presents his take on the state of America today, followed by a dancefloor-oriented Mike D (Beastie Boys) edit of an originally 1978-released track by Malian artist Idrissa Soumaoro et L'Eclipse de l'I.J.A. Shifting to Indonesia, The Panturas & Adipato 'The Kuda' deliver an invigorating slice of surf punk that ultimately paves the way to Ashraf Sharif Khan & Viktor Marek's 'Sufi dub' sound tapestry and a driving, disco-infused Turkish transition into late 1980s Brazilian boogie as well as the more contemporary Afro-Brazilian sounds of multicultural collective Ayom. Nairobi's Octopizzo is up next with a thrilling display of Kenyan rap, while British/Jamaican singer-songwriter Liam Bailey shares his own reggae-flavoured 'champion' sound. As the selection slowly draws to a close, we hear a polyrhythmic DJ Plead remix of Yazz Ahmed, inspiringly unconventional sounds by Y Bülbül, laid-back, surfy jazz funk from Greece's Los Tre, the latest single by Grammy-nominated Dutch band Altın Gün and, finally, an experimental, multi-layered Iranian finish by Hooshyar Khayam & Bamdad Afshar.

But enough of the talk. To listen to or browse the full selection, simply click the player below and let the music do its magic. As always, we hope you enjoy, add a like and share.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom