Globalwize Radioshow #379

11/11/2020Embark On Another Far-Reaching Deep Listening Experience With Weltbeat Selector Jean Trouillet

Selector Jean Trouillet returns to our Greedio channel of curated audio content on Mixcloud with another two-hour eclectic journey through time, space and music.

Globalwize #379 gets rolling with three tracks by Armenian piano sensation Tigran Hamasyan off his latest album on Nonesuch, followed by the dynamic tango of Klezmer-ish and Groupa's rousing interpretations of Icelandic folk. Next up it's the globe-trotting composer Mathias Duplessy and The Violins of the World serving up an astonishing cross-cultural encounter between tradition and modernity, before we move on to the shamanic sounds of Inner Asia and Tuva's Huun-Huur-Tu in particular, who also feature in a collaboration with The Bulgarian Voices Angelite and Russia's Sergey Starostin. Then it's a blend of Greek and Turkish traditions as the two friends Derya Türkan and Sokratis Sinopoulos join musical forces to create their very own "Soundplaces", not so unlike the debut album "Sufi Dub Brothers" by longtime collaborateurs Ashraf Sharif Khan and Viktor Marek. After revisiting two mesmerising tracks off the 1996-released album "Majnoun" by Cologne's stylistically diverse Schäl Sick Brass Band, Trouillet adds some conscious afropop grooves to the mix by Bantu and Seun Kuti, before slowly rounding things up with two tunes off the recently reissued, synth-heavy 1985 album "Mr. Manager" by Zazou Bikaye, picking Dandana's "Free The System" for the grand finale.

As always, you can find the full show in our Greedio Mixcloud channel or simply click on the player below. Also below you can find Jean's video of the month. This month's pick is the gorgeous official companion video to Dandana's "Free The System". Thanks for tuning in!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom