Greedy for September

02/10/2020Listen To Our Latest Monthly Selection Of Extraordinary Tracks From Around The Globe

September 2020 is officially in the books and with that we take a moment to look back at the tracks that wowed us during the past months. Selecting from old and new, our latest Spotify playlist features a wide array of extraordinary sounds and talent from around the globe. That being said, this one was kind of challenging, especially when it came to bringing these 20 tracks into a coherent order, but we think this'll work. 

Our latest audio narrative comprises fantastic music by late Congolese guitarist Docteur Nico, London's supremely talented producer and flute enthusiast Tenderlonious, Persian classical vocalist Mahsa Vahdat, the trio Béliz, i.e. harpist Anne Bacqueyrisse, percussionist Olivier Maurières and multi-instrumentalist/singer Edmony Krater from Guadeloupe, late electric guitar legend Rüstəm Quliyev, who coincidentally hails from the highly disputed Nagorno Karabakh region in southwestern Azerbaijian that is currently experiencing heavy armed conflict, Lebanon's Ihsan Al Munzer, Israeli-Persian singer Liraz, the Madrid-based Beat Bronco Organ Trio, French afrofunk collective Supergombo, Black Atlantic co-founder James Stewart and Ghanaian kologo musician Ayuune Sule, Surinam's vintage outfit Explosion, Ghanaian highlife icon Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, Colombia's Afro-futuristic three-piece Ghetto Kumbé, rising Syrian singer Hamsa Mounif, hard-hitting Angolan/Polish duo Lua Preta, London's Afro-Latin collective Penya and Tanzanian vocalist Msafiri Zawose in a remix by Moroccan producer Guedra Guedra, Chilean producer DJ Raff, Milan's Gerardo Frisina, Porto's AZAR AZAR and, last but not least, highly acclaimed tenor saxophonist Idris Ackamoor and The Pyramids.

Whew, after a short breather, we'll leave it at that. Click below to have a listen. As always, we hope you share our enthusiasm and if you like what you hear, do leave a 'heart' and pass it around. Much appreciated!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom