Greedy for June

02/07/2020Listen To Our Monthly Selection Of Extraordinary Tracks

We're back for the second instalment of our new monthly playlist format on Spotify. We spent the month of June browsing all kinds of music and, again, we put together a selection of 20 tracks, mainly new releases, that have been on our radar. This time around we come riding into view on a wave of vintage and modern Cumbia. We lay down to relax on a bank of Desert Blues meets Ethio-jazz, watching the jazzy tides ebb and flow, then wade back into free waters, marvelling at creation, while listening to Nigerian tunes of present and past. Evening is nearing and we wave goodbye to the sun on a Brazilian beat as we travel down the coast on a rented scooter. Night is falling and eastern winds carry us home to our cherry blossom garden. The day's waning hours are full of tropical promise and we are at peace. While holidays seem like a thing of the past this year, music can help take us to wherever we like. So go ahead and tune into our picks of the month via the Spotify player below and feel free to share. We'll be back in a month with a new selection.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom