Globalwize Radioshow #371

15/06/2020Jean Trouillet's Far-Reaching Deep Listening Experience Inaugurates Our New Mixcloud Channel

Back in 2015, when Greedy for Best Music was slowly taking shape, the idea was to create a sort of musical triptych, composed of record label, online magazine and streaming platform. For logistical reasons, seeing as this is a comparatively small operation, we eventually decided to put our streaming aspirations on hold to focus on the label and laying the necessary editorial groundwork. Fast forward to 2020 and we're back with Greedio, a platform for musical curation, featuring our Mixcloud channel for selected radio shows and Spotify account for regular playlist divertissements.

For our inaugural Mixcloud presentation we have the pleasure of introducing you to the firmly established Globalwize radio show on Frankfurt's Radio X, a community radio or radio community started back in 1997 and a true home for all things subculture. Among its founding members is none other than our very own label manager, world music veteran, DJ, author, freelance consultant (Den Sorte Skole), manager (The OhOhOhs) and 'real mensch' Jean Trouillet. 

The first Globalwize radio show to be featured our Greedio channel is actually Jean's 371st (!!!) show and a true treasure chest of aural discovery. In a far-reaching deep listening experience, Jean takes his listeners on an eclectic journey through space and time, widening their horizons and shining a light on various musical traditions in a globalised world. From the campfire to the club with a detour via the concert hall, Jean's selections are nonhierarchical, authentic and anything but eurocentric. You can stream the full show below and find a detailed playlist here.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom