Lost in Latin Music #01

11/08/2020DJ Hans Delivers A Comprehensive One-Hour Introduction To The Wide World Of 'Latin Music'

Ever marvel at the diversity of what is broadly described as 'Latin music'? We happily welcome German music journalist DJ Hans to our Greedio Mixcloud channel with the very first episode of "Lost in Latin Music". The show ties into his "Latin Music News" column for the Latin-Mag webzine on Latin American music, through which Hans regularly shares his many musical findings from the Latin world with readers in Germany. Luckily for us, "Lost in Latin Music #1" sees him switching to English.

In just over an hour, we receive a comprehensive introduction into the wide world of Latin American music, featuring artists as diverse as Colombian salsa band Fruko y sus Tesos and Afro-Caribbean dance music group Systema Solar, Miramar's dedication to legendary Puerto Rican composer Sylvia Rexach, Franfurt-born composer Uwe Schmidt, alias Señor Coconut, Brazilian rapper Gabriel o Pensador's tribute to fellow Brazilian percussionist and singer Jackson do Pandeiro, Puerto-Rican/American Latin pop star Luis Fonsi, Brazilian singers Carlinhos Brown and Luiz Caldas, Argentine-born and Mexico City-based singer-songwriter Loli Molina, Colombian-Canadian phenom Lido Pimienta, Germany's Tango Sí!, Japan's Minyo Crusaders in collaboration with Colombia's Frente Cumbiero and, finally, legally blind Brazilian bossa nova and jazz pianist/keyboardist Manfredo Fest.

DJ Hans presents several hand-picked clips to demonstrate how vast a genre we are actually dealing with, one that is constantly reinventing itself as it is. As such, this show is a real eye-opener. "I've been working as a music journalist here in Germany for some decades now and I sincerely hope that this show will enable you to make many musical discoveries, while also revealing the multiple facets and geographical roots of this music," he says. You can stream the full show below. For the full playlist, visit

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom