Globalwize Radioshow #383

20/01/2021Weltbeat Selector/Host Jean Trouillet Kicks Off 2021 With A New Episode Of His Far-Reaching Format

The new year is in full effect and the Trump family has officially left the White House, but the real news is that our very own Jean Trouillet has just added episode #383 of his eclectic Globalwize (Weltbeat / Radio X Frankfurt)  format to our Greedio Mixcloud channel. His latest selection features a jam-packed two-hour line-up of extraordinary artists from around the globe, as Jean puts their work into context:

Kicking off the show is 'Black Atlantic' collective Ayom, followed by two humorous tracks off the 40th anniversary album by Bavaria's Gerhard Polt and the brothers Well, including a rare feature by acclaimed German punk rockers Die Toten Hosen. We move on to Finland behind the folkish harmonica sounds of Sväng, then further on to the stupendous, multi-layered piano and clarinet sounds of New York duo Kathleen Tagg and David Krakauer and finally the intimate, multi-lingual productions of Bruxelles-based feminist trio Las Lloronas. Established French band Lo'Jo, centred around the Nid El Mourid sisters and poet Denis Péan, keeps things flowing in a similarly harmonious yet more beat-oriented vein, as one track features the late and great drummer Tony Allen. This in sorts aids the transition to Malian singer Nahawa Doumbia and her soon to be released album "Kanawa" (Awesome Tapes from Africa), before we dive into the Ligurian traditions of Italian duo Cabit, aka bagpipe expert Davide Baglietto and composer/multi-instrumentalist Edmondo Romano. Next up it's Turkish psych-rock innovators Moğollar, with a track off their recently released two-part 'Direct-to-Disc' LP "Anatolian Sun", another tune by Cabit and then the Apennine jazz of Bellanöva. As we head into the last thirty minutes of the show, Jean picks three tracks from "The Best of Transglobal World Music Chart 2020", i.e. Kurdish singer Aynur Doğan's "Govend e", "Zumbajam" by Colombia's Cimarrón and lastly "Hamala" by The Garifuna Collective from Belize. Rounding off the experience are two tracks by Zimbabwe's Hallelujah Chicken Run Band, Congo's Ray Lema and RSA's Urban Village with a track off their debut album, releasing later this week on Paris-based imprint Nø Førmat (home to Oumou Sangaré, Blick Bassy & Mélissa Laveaux),

Tune in via the Mixcloud player below, find the full playlist here and feel free to browse Greedio for more musical content from above and beyond. Peace out!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom