Lost In Latin Music #05

12/01/2021Join DJ Hans As He Navigates The Wide World Of Latin Music And Recaps 2020

With 30+ years of experience as a world music journalist ( and specialising in the broad field of Latin American music, Hans-Jürgen Lenhart (aka DJ Hans) has been keeping us on a steady diet of latin tunes and respective commentary. For the fifth episode of his "Lost in Latin Music" show, he revisits some of his personal favourites for 2020, including a host of impressive albums by new wave latin artists the likes of Tiganá Santana, Loli Molina or Meretrio, novel crossover experiences via Che Apalache or Kiko Dinucci, an extraordinary reissue of Manfredo Fest as well as new music by iconic Brazilian musicians Carlinhos Brown and Sergio Mendes. As usual, DJ Hans goes beyond the call of duty and also offers a perspective on the effects that Covid-19 had on the market. You can listen to the full 40-minute show via the player below or in our Greedio Mixcloud channel. ¡Disfruten!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom