Globalwize Radioshow #385

01/03/2021Weltbeat Selector/Host Jean Trouillet Presents Another Two-Hour Episode Of His Far-Reaching Format

Remaining a constant in uncertain times, Weltbeat selector and host Jean Trouillet returns with a new episode of his far-reaching Globalwize format for Radio X, now streaming exclusively in our Greedio channel on Mixcloud. 

Show #385 welcomes us with the sounds of Congo's Bayaka pygmies, taken from the soundtrack to the late Louis Sarno's "Song From The Forest" (OST). Next up, its the modern Polish folk interpretations of the Warsaw Village Band, followed by the mesmerising fado of Portuguese vocalist Cristina Branco and two meditative tracks from "Nocturne", i.e. French multi-instrumentalist David Walters' latest release on Heavenly Sweetness, including Vincent Segal on cello, Ballaké Sissoko on kora and Roger Raspail on percussion. We then revisit a recent Piranha Records reissue of Zimbabwean "Queen of Mbira" Stella Chiweshe's 1987-released international debut album "Ambuya!", before transitioning to South Africa, where a group from Soweto, by the name of Urban Village, is currently on the rise. The second half of the show kicks off with new material from Nigeria by Fela's grandson and Femi's son Made Kuti, then shifts to Ghana with a new project on Strut Records by Alostmen and on to 75-year-old Congolese rumba icon Sam Mangwana. The Netherlands-based Turkish psych-folk innovators Altın Gün are up next with a dreamy track off their recently released third album "Yol", which Trouillet juxtaposes with Kurdish musicians Cemil Qocgiri on tanbur and Tara Jaff on harp, featuring the wonderful Aynur on vocals. Nearing the end of the show, we get to hear English singer Alfred Deller and German composer Matthias Engelke with two very different interpretations of the same song by Renaissance composer John Dowland.

You can stream the full two-hour show on Mixcloud #Greedio or simply activate the player below. For the full playlist, click here.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom