Greedio X May '21

01/06/2021Listen To Our Latest Spotify Playlist Featuring 20 Extraordinary Tracks From The Past Month

It's time to June in to our latest monthly Spotify selection of extraordinary music from around the globe, featuring 20 of our favourite musical discoveries from the month of May in one eclectic playlist. 

We start off with otherworldy Seoul-based duo dal:um, challenging the sonic possibilities of Korea's most well-known string instruments: the gayageum and the geomungo. Then it's off to Pakistan for a transcendental collaboration between Lahore-based instrumental quartet Jaubi, London-based multi-instrumentalist and 22a records label boss Ed "Tenderlonious" Cawthorne and Polish pianist Marek "Latarnik" Pędziwiatr. Next, we tune in to South African Venda folk singer Muneyi's lessons in love, loss and healing, before the Cologne-based Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble shares its forward-trodding, afrobeat-inspired jazz, which transitions beautifully into the world of Sweden-based Senegalese kora player Maher Cissoko. We then pause for a short layover in 1975 Ethiopia with Hailu Mergia and his band The Walias, leading over into the rich sounds of Maloya and Séga music by Franco-Creole supergroup Les Pythons de la Fournaise and then the magnificient Finnish-Beninese afrobeat and funk big band Helsinki Cotonou Ensemble, before afrofuturist British-Ghanaian duo Onipa and Franz Von (emcee of KOG & The Zongo Brigade) take over the reins. Remaining on the African continent, we then direct our attention to Ghanaian kologo star Ayuune Suley, followed by Lyon-based super groovers Pat Kalla & Le Super Mojo, Paris-based producer duo Montparnasse Musique collaborating with Kinshasa-based collective extraordinaire Mbongwana Star and one more superb collaboration between Guinea's Falle Nioke and Swedish multi-instrumentalist Joel Wästberg, aka sir Was. This brings us to the final lap of our selection, kicking off with the intricate psychedelic soundscapes of Romanian duo Balkan Taksim, ensuing with stunning Cypriot three-piece Monsieur Doumani, switching over to Ozan Ata Canani's mesmerising 'Gastarbeiter' anthem and a Far East-inspired, 1975-released gem by Turkish pop-folk band Dönüşüm's Halit Kakınç, before futuristic Andalusian electro-folk outfit Califato 3/4, Brazilian/Afro-Latino beatmaker VHOOR and UK-born/Paris-based cumbia wizard El Búho bring the selection to a worthy close. 

Preview the new playlist via the player below or click here for the full treatment and, as always, feel free to leave a heart and spread the word. Much appreciated! 

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom