Greedio X April '21

04/05/2021Listen To Our Latest Monthly Selection Of Extraordinary Productions From The Past Month On Spotify

May the fourth be with you! Today we bring you our latest curated Spotify playlist, comprising a total of 20 extraordinary tracks and musical discoveries that made a lasting impression on us during the month of April.

Our "Greedio X April '21" selection kicks off with a vintage track by Italian film composer Piero Umiliani, a taste of contemporary surf-rock by Indonesian band The Panturas, heady offbeat Ethiopian vibes by Italian outfit The Invisible Session and the latest single by Romanian duo Balkan Taksim (of which we recently premiered the spellbinding companion visuals). We continue moving East behind the sounds of Sheffield-based global-roots ensemble Rafiki Jazz, followed by Malian kora virtuoso Ballaké Sissoko, who is joined by French cello player Vincent Ségal and orchestral clarinetist Patrick Messina, then leading over to Tel Aviv-based singer SHIRAN, exploring her Yemenite roots alongside addictive and fellow Tel Aviv-based four-piece El Khat and finally paving the way to a mesmerising six-minute live performance by Niger's Les Filles de Illighadad, recorded back in 2019 in New York, 5000 miles from their home. Taking over from there is Ghanaian rapper Pure Akan and a recent collaboration by Congo's Jupiter & Okwess and Brazilian rapper Marcelo D2, steadily pushing the limits of their respective genres. Shifting to South America, we enter the electro-acoustic realms of Colombian producer Mente Orgánica and bring you our friend Daniel Haaksman's club-ready new single, following that up with a track off the Patchworks-produced new album by France-based ambassador of Brazilian music, João Selva. Keeping it organic, we then provide a fresh helping of recently reissued vintage jazz and funk by Morton & The Uptights and the Roy Porter Sound Machine, before Southern Italian outfit Banda Maje serves up its own infectious, cinematic grooves. Nearing the end of our global transmission, we made sure to add a few more hiphop-flavoured instrumentals by Vienna-based producer Jules Hiero, Rio-based mutli-instrumentalist and enfant terrible Antônio Neves and fellow Brazilian producer Gus Levy, followed by Polish quartet Błoto, Kabul Fire mastermind Farhot and, in closing, Danish dub-jazz duo Bremer/McCoy.

As always, we very much hope you enjoy the picks and feel inspired to keep digging. Leave us a heart on Spotify or spread the word. Either way, thanks for tuning in!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom