27/08/2019Afrofuturist Duo Releases Two New Summer Singles & Music Video

This has been long overdue and seeing as summer is still alive and kicking here in Berlin, we thought now would be a good time to introduce you to ONIPA, a highly combustible collaboration between Ghanaian vocalist KOG (of KOG and the Zongo Brigade) and UK producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Tom Excell (founder and band-leader of acclaimed afro-jazz project Nubiyan Twist). ONIPA first popped onto our radar in 2018, when they delivered their dancefloor-ready, afro-disco-infused debut EP "Open My Eyes" on Wormfood Records / Mawimbi and followed that up with an equally potent set of remixes.

"Drawing on a wide range of influences, including Ghanaian highlife, Congolese soukous, Mali blues, South African Shangaan electro & Township music, Nigerian afro-disco and Moroccan Gnawa combined with UK dance music, jazz and hiphop," Onipa (meaning 'human' in the Akan language) were quick to impress their mark on the global scene. A few weeks back, the duo released two powerful new summer singles.

"Maadi3" is an instant Ghanaian highlife classic, paired with modern production, catchy vocals and irresistible grooves, while "My Way" kicks off with a hypnotic flute loop and intricate rhythmic patterns, before KOG takes matters into his own hands: “This track started life as a vocal chant, then guitars doubled the vocal line to create a heavy, riff based, trance-like, hypnotic, repetitious feel. From there we formed the groove, a mix between dancehall and afrobeat rhythms, giving the framework for raga vocals, floaty electronics and Malian guitar interspersions," Tom Excell details.

"My Way" comes equipped with an official companion music video, which you can watch below. To stream/buy both releases, simply head over to Bandcamp.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom