26/07/2019Far Out Recordings Reissues First & Only Album Of Enigmatic Brazilian Vocal Sensation

While somehow, if you think about it, 1971 doesn't seem that far back, we're sorry to break it to you, but we're talking almost 50 years ago. Yes, time keeps on ticking away, but luckily some things, including music, prevail. 1971 was the year enigmatic Brazilian vocal sensation Dila recorded her first and only album. That same year, shortly after the album was released, she allegedly died in a car crash and so, the woman behind that powerful voice remains a mystery.

Today, marks release day for the reissue of Dila's eponymous 1971 album on Far Out Recordings. Originally arranged and produced by Durval Ferreira and his studio band "Os Grillos" (The Crickets), "Dila is a rare glimpse into the authentic soulful Samba sound of Rio’s favelas in the late sixties and early seventies." And that voice, instantly demanding attention, captivating and well, hard to put into words. Timeless might best describe the twelve tracks on Dila's debut, "a blast of funky, percussive Brazilian breaks, scorching hot brass and swing-laden piano."

Without a doubt "Dila" is as striking as the record's cover. While the original LP is extremely rare, this iconic 180g vinyl reissue includes liner notes by composer Arnoldo Medeiros, who puts it this way: “Friend, look out! Because when this girl starts to sing, you’re in trouble. Hold the railing so you don’t fall down the stairs, because she’s coming this way and shaking up everything.” Click the YouTube video below for the full album stream or head over to Bandcamp to place your order. This one is a real treasure.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom