06/08/2019Singaporean Freeform Producer Fauxe Explores Past & Present Styles Of Malaysian Music

Originally released in an extremely limited run of 50 cassettes on Chinabot in 2018, Singaporean experimental hiphop and freeform producer Fauxe's album "Ikhlas" popped onto our radar just recently. In June The Analog Vault readied the album's first vinyl pressing and we felt this record needed to be heard by a wider audience.   

Why's that? Well, for starters, Fauxe has a knack for pushing supposed boundaries, combining different styles and experimenting with sounds to create something that we feel is highly original and deserves respect. Drawing from an eight-month visit to Malaysia in 2017, exploring the Kuala Lumpur music scene and collecting samples from "traditional Malaysian Tamil and Hawaiian Malay music," Fauxe began to "recontextualise" the project through "hiphop, disco and breakbeat-inspired textures." 

"Ikhlas", meaning 'sincerity' in the Malay language, is a groove-ridden, danceable 30-minute "ode to Malaysia and its sonic legacy." Or as Fauxe puts it: "Singapore and Malaysia to me had always been two different places. Right now it feels like we have always been one. I hope the music brings about a certain understanding and appreciation of what both countries share." And with that message in mind, we sincerely invite you to stream the full album via the SoundCloud player above or on Bandcamp

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom