14/08/2019Young Marco Explores The Spirit Of Indonesia On Sophomore Album

Who would have thought that we'd venture into the club circuit, but Dutch DJ/producer Young Marco's latest full-length on Island Of The Gods Records left us no choice and you'll be quick to understand why. Some five years ago, the Bali-based imprint invited Marco Sterk alias Young Marco to visit the islands of Indonesia, including Bali, and immerse himself in the indigenous culture that is still present there to this day. Marco, whose late grandfather happened to be born and raised in Indonesia, willingly accepted the opportunity to 'return to his roots'.

And so, Marco set out to explore and "capture the spirit, ambience and atmosphere of the islands," in order to contribute to the label's "Island Explorer" album series. "A number of sessions were arranged, recording gamelan, gong and bamboo musicians from nearby temples. Island instruments and organic sounds meeting Marcos drum machines and synthesisers in a number of improvised jam sessions. Field recordings were also gathered from jungles, the ocean and wildlife, capturing both the ambient and chaotic side of life in Indonesia," the album notes read. 

Marco returned to his Amsterdam studio, where he later incorporated these sounds and recordings into his own contemporary, electronic forms of musical expression. Five years later, or rather last July, he finally released his sophomore LP with appearances from Mike Kivits (aka Aardvark), Jonny Nash (1/3 of Gaussian Curve) and The Desa Babakan Gamelan Ensemble. "Bahasa" is a lush, deeply meditative affair, "a typically sweet-natured and breezy collection of ambient tradewinds and colourful rhythmic plumage" – a transpacific encounter to forge lasting spiritual bonds.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom