Motel Lazy

22/08/2019Istanbul Beatmaker Ozoyo Delivers Therapeutic Full-Length On Threefinger

Nearing the month of September and quite possibly the autumn season, this day finds us in a mellow mood. Summer was golden and continues to present itself in lush attire. And as we think back on those lovely, hazy moments, Istanbul-based beatsmith Ozoyo's debut full-length is just what the doctor prescribed. 

Following on the heels of his previous three EP releases "Wanderlust" (2016), "Lost Beats" (2018), and "333" (2018), Ozoyo is back to present his 15-track vacation-themed album. "Motel Lazy" is music to our ears and brimful with organic vibes, lo-fi beats and smoky samples. In other words, Ozoyo's sound is sunscreen for the 'dolce far niente'-soul.  

So stake out your favourite lounge chair, make sure that umbrella is in place and a cool drink in reach and enjoy your timeout for as long as it lasts. You can listen to the entire release over on the Threefinger Bandcamp page, with further contributions from the ranks of Wun Two, Jinsang, Engelwood and Mujo. Happy holidays!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom