12/08/2021Self-Taught Rio-Based Sound Researcher Vasconcelos Sentimento Releases Prismatic Debut On Far Out Recordings

Rio resident Vasconcelos Sentimento, aka Guilherme Esteves, is a "self-taught composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist" and self-proclaimed "amateur euphoric sound researcher," who just released his adventurous debut album on Far Out Recordings. "Furto" features "a mosaic of lo-fi breaks, cosmic ambient jazz and wonky chromatic funk," seemingly brought together in a beautiful whirl of DIY spontaneity and melodic curiosity. Though undoubtedly rooted in jazz, this 21-track pastiche borrows and reinvents at will, never pausing to reconsider. 

Sonic fascination leading to inspiration and exploration, it may not come as a surprise then, that "Furto" translates to 'theft' in Portuguese. "Indeed, Sentimento is not afraid to admit what he himself sees as acts of theft. But while the debate surrounding the ethics of sampling is a never ending one, Sentimento’s music - while it does contain the odd sample [...] - steals in an entirely different way. His creative process involves an intensive period, in which he’ll listen to just one artist or song over and over, for days and weeks on end," before heading to his bedroom studio to work on an idea and see where that takes him.

Sentimento's sound is all over the place, yet uncannily his own. Revealing new influences at each turn, listeners are best advised to let this album grow on them, which shouldn't take long. A sophisticated beat tape of sorts, its rich tapestry is inventive yet never too abstract and quick to unfold its particular, ever-evolving charm. Click on the player below or head over to Bandcamp for the full experience and/or watch the animated video to album track "Passarinho". 

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom