Behind The Mask

15/10/2021French Collective The Selenites Band Returns With Ethio-Delic Sophomore Album On Stereophonk

Friday is always a good day, not just because it's the gateway to another weekend, but also because it's the day new releases hit the airwaves. Our pick of the day is the viciously groovy, brand new offering by French collective The Selenites Band on Stereophonk. Drawing heavy inspiration from 1950s-1970s Ethiojazz as they pay tribute to the Ethiopian giants of the 'Golden Age',  the group's musical influences also cover like-minded genres such as Krautrock, Afrojazz or Blaxploitation, keeping it strictly free-spirited and psychedelic.

Today marks the release of their sophomore album, a head-nodic, nine-track exploration of modal jazz and pentatonic melodies, reminiscent of the 'classics' yet sounding infinitely lush and full-bodied. Created "between two confinements and successive curfews" from a "vital impetus," each original composition breathes new excitement into the universe or out of your speaker system, as if heralding a new dawn. Led by Obi Riddim, aka Antoine Laloux, on flute, rhodes and Farfisa, "Behind the Mask" points to ancient realms, revealing a multitude of uncannily contemporary musical personas.

To get a first taste, simply hit the video teaser below and let the music unfold its charm. For the full experience, you can stream/buy the album via the player below. Hard choice here, but we'll definitely include one of these tracks in our forthcoming "Greedio X October '21" Spotify playlist in a couple of weeks. So stay put!

The Selenites Band are:
Marc Buvry (baritone sax)
Antoine Laloux (flute, rhodes, Farfisa)
Fabrice Leroy (double bass)
Julien Paris (drums)
Nicolas Dubuc (guitar)

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom