Greedio X October '21

02/11/2021Listen To Our Latest Monthly Selection Of 20 Extraordinary Tracks From Around The Globe

A belated happy Halloween, goodbye October and welcome to November! It's daylight savings time again, as we choose to confront the darkness with another selection of 20 extraordinary tracks from around the globe to light up your day. That being said, here comes our latest Spotify playlist for Greedio, featuring our favourite new releases and musical discoveries of the past month: 

We selected the opener of "Yn Rio", from the recently released album by Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18 accompanied by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, to kick off our own eclectic selection, effortlessly transitioning into a laidback transcultural composition by Berlin-based producer MAUGLI and then another electronic groover by British-born DJ and producer El Búho, remixing Ecuadorean producer Quixosis. Then it's a first preview of Imajin, a new project by Israeli pianist Nitai Hershkovits, somewhat reminiscent of the one and only Flying Lotus, which oddly goes well with a recent reissue of an iconic collab album by Brazilian guitarist Sebastião Tapajos and fellow Brazilian percussionist virtuoso Pedros Dos Santos as well as a contemporary psychedelic affair by Berlin's Spiritczualic Enhancement Center. Next up, it's Chicago-based Latin alternative quintet Dos Santos, the gypsy rumba / merengue / guaracha of New York's Grupo Pernil and the rare '80s Ghanaian highlife of Atakora Manu. This brings us to another vintage highlife track, this time by late Nigerian artist Celestine Ukwu, followed by an iconic groover by Brazilian vocalist and bossa nova luminary Emílio Santiago and then the raspy voice and "Underground Raï Love" of Algerian musician Mohamed Lamouri and Groupe Mostla. Paving the way for fellow Algerian-born Amazigh artist Majid Soula, we then diverge into the potent sounds of UK Afro-disco five-piece Pigeon and another wonderful collab by Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Mo Maiê and the Senegalese Sobobade Band. Thrilling French electronic/acoustic duo Ko Shin Moon takes it from there, featuring Palestinian singer Mouna Hawa on a track of their 2020-released "Miniature 1" EP, to which we add a wonderful Ethiojazz-inspired instrumental by The Selenites Band and then a track by Argentinian jazz legends Viejas Raíces, recently reissued on Altercat. Bringing the show to a rootsy close, we bring you a track by Cologne-based producer, DJ and percussionist Razoof alongside Jamaican reggae singer Naptali and a quirky production by German actor Jacques Palminger and Viktor Marek, whom you may remember from his Sufi Dub Brothers collaboration with Pakistani sitar virtuoso Ashraf Sharif Khan.

That being said, make yourself comfortable, plug in your headphones and hit play below or head directly to our Spotify channel for the premium musical treatment. Enjoy and spread the word if you do!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom