Globalwize Radioshow #395

05/10/2021Weltbeat Selector/Host Jean Trouillet Airs Another Enlightening Episode Of His Global Deep Listening Format

We honestly believe that Jean Trouillet's regular "Globalwize" format for Weltbeat / Radio X should be considered required listening, seeing as each episode is packed with a wide selection of sounds and great background information for more context, inviting listeners on a far-reaching, eclectic journey through time and space. 

Now streaming exclusively in our Greedio channel on Mixcloud is the latest instalment of his two-hour show, so please lend your ears to "Globalwize Radioshow #395", featuring extraordinary sounds by the following artists: 

Kicking off episode #395 is a baroque offering by Lea Desandre and the Ensemble Jupiter, celebrating the fabled women of the Amazon, followed by the sounds of the Persian kemenche performed by Iranian virtuoso Misagh Joolae. This connects wonderfully to two songs by the Tarab Trio (the first being a composition by the late and great Turkish tanbur player Cemil Bey), featuring Kurdish musicians Azad Shahwaysi (santur) and Redur Saher (saz, tanbur) alongside German harpist Tom Daun, before we return to "Istanbul 1900", i.e. the momentous new album by Erkin Cavus and Reentko Dirks. We then move on to the unparalleled, 24-legged Balkan brass of Fanfare Ciocărlia, looking back on 25 years of touring the globe, which ties in well with two tracks off the latest album by multinational Dresden-based brass band Banda Comunale and, because why not, two more tracks by Marseille's versatile, politically active and electronically enhanced Massilia Sound System. 

The show's second hour embarks on an eight-minute journey into dub, presented by Cologne-based drummer, producer and DJ Razoof, who returns from an extended trip to Uganda with a heady new album and a dense roster of quality collaborations, leading into another lengthy yet worthwhile Rastafarian meditation by Berlin dub-techno icon Moritz von Oswald and his trio, including jazz drummer Heinrich Köbberling and Laurel Halo on electric keys. Next up is a slice of "Marimbatech" by Frankfurt-based duo The OhOhOhs, who just released their highly anticipated debut album "Sturm und Drang" on 30h! and blend well with Israeli jazz pianist Omer Klein's "Baghdad Blues" as well as the ensuing vocal folk interpretation of Bulgaria's all-female Eva Quartet. From there on its baroque goes pop, modern interpretations of Henry Purcell and The Beatles, as performed by Berlin's lautten compagney and Asya Fateyeva on saxophone. Trouillet then brings the show to a worthy close with three tracks by Little Richard from the period of 1951-1962, compiled in a recent anthology on Frémeaux & Associés, and a grand finale by Banda Comunale.

You can stream the full show via the Mixcloud player below or head to our Greedio channel for more breathtaking content. Find the full playlist here. Either way, thanks for tuning in!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom