Globalwize Radioshow #406

16/06/2022Weltbeat Selector/Host Jean Trouillet Airs A Brand-New Instalment Of His Far-Reaching Format

Another month and another episode of Globalwize, now ready to be streamed à volonté via our Greedio Mixcloud channel. Weltbeat selector and host Jean Trouillet recently aired a brand-new instalment of his far-reaching monthly format and that translates to two more hours of extraordinary sounds from around the globe. So without further ado, let's give you a quick rundown of what to expect, shall we?

The "Globalwize Radioshow #406" raises the curtain on some rare noise from the "Transneptunian Planets" album by German composer J. Peter Schwalm and fellow musical mastermind Stephan Thelen. Then we're off, nodding our heads to the sounds of Anglo-French nu reggae producer Florian Gratton alias Flox off of his new album "Square" on Underdog Records. Cologne-based multi-instrumentalist (now power ensemble) Niklas Mündemann aka Muito Kaballa takes it from there, with two tracks from his 2019-released album "Everything is Broke" on Switchstance Recordings, which Trouillet juxtaposes with a track from the meanwhile power ensemble's latest album "Little Child" on Rebel Up! Records in a La Dame rework. Then joining the mix is Turin-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Manuel Volpe's Rhabdomantic Orchestra and Colombian singer Maria Mallol Moya with two tracks from their current longplayer "Almagre" on Agogo Records, paving the way to Hungarian psychedelic folk-rock outfit Mesczecsinka and their new album "Árnyék/Shadow".

Moving right along, we visit the world of Argentine collective La Fanfarria del Capitán on their album "El Canto Manto", followed by "L'Univers parallèle" of Cologne-based German-French two-piece Toi et Moi and two more francophone nouvelle vague tracks taken from the "Le Pop 10" various artists compilation. This sets the stage for Portuguese fado singer Mísia, performing a song from her most recent album "Animal sentimental", and then Spain's legendary flamenco singer or 'cantaor' Tomas de Perrate, known as PERRATE, from his first album in eleven years, "Tres golpes", produced by Raül Refree and now out on Lovemonk. 

Entering the last segment of the show, we are treated to two tracks from the ingeniously hybrid, world-encompassing new album "Whispered Garden" by Japanese-born and Paris-based jazz musician Jun Miyake, before heading east, to enjoy four tracks from the stunning "Folk and Great Tunes from Siberia and Far East" various artists collection on CPL Music. Then we head back to warmer regions, led by the voice of contemporary Cabo Verdean singer Lucibela and a track off her new album "Amdjer", which eventually brings us to transnational bass producer Maga Bo and his dancefloor-ready, 21-track exploration of Afro-Brazilian soundscapes on "Amor (É Revolução)", before closing on a track from the 2021-released album "ZIK ZAK", an African musical odyssey presented by German production team Ancient Astronauts with MoRoots on vocals.

As mentioned above, you can now stream the full show in our Greedio Mixcloud channel. Click here to find the full playlist. And, of course, feel free to like, comment and spread the word.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom