Globalwize Radioshow #408

27/07/2022Listen To A Brand-New Episode Of Weltbeat Host/Selector Jean Trouillet's Far-Reaching Format

And just like that we're back with a brand-new episode of Globalwize. Hot on the heels of his last reggae special alongside Jack Sapphire, Weltbeat host and selector Jean Trouillet returns with a fresh two hours of extraordinary music from around the globe. 

His "Globalwize Radioshow #408" kicks off with a dreamy tune by Brazilian singer Sessa, taken from his new album "Estrela Acesa" on Mexican Summer and is followed by Finish ethno-jazz/reggae outfit Ilkka Arola Sound Tagine (watch the official companion video below). Danish seven-piece Total Hip Replacement is next. They formed a collaborative band with highlife and reggae musicians from Ghana in 2021 and released their scintillating album "Anyankofo" back in April, from which we hear the track "Midnight Driver". Then we're off to the races with Dutch outfit YĪN YĪN and "Declined by Universe" from their intergalactic journey "The Age of Aquarius" on Glitterbeat, before Tel Aviv's Eyal el Wahab, aka El Khat, explores his Yemenite roots and presents his DIY approach to making music on "Ma'afan" (read more here). Moving on to the Rif mountains in Morocco, we hear a "deeply hypnotic and earth-shakingly intense" track off the latest album by The Master Musicians of Jajouka and band leader Bachir Attar titled "Opening the Gate", before Senegalese bass player Alune Wade shares two potent tracks from his latest album "Sultan".

We then immerse ourselves in the sounds of DuOud (aka Mehdi Haddab & Smadj), blending old and sacred melodies with electronics to danceable effect on their new album "Menshen", paving the way to "Âwât" ('great desire' in Kurdish), the latest album by Iranian setar soloist Shadi Fathi and Bijan Chemirani, a virtuoso of the zarb, the daf and other percussion instruments, as they present 16 pieces "inspired by the richness and diversity of Iranian music and Persian poetry." From there we move on to the klezmer clarinet-led German world music ensemble Vagabondoj ('travelers' in Esperanto), who recently released their new album "Traumtänzer" ('dream dancer'), setting the stage for Bavarian Balkan beats by Django 3000 from their album "Ali Babo". Next, we hear two tracks by German clarinetist extraordinaire David Orlowsky teaming up with lute player extraordinaire David Bergmüller to "embark on a journey into unexplored worlds of sound," the clarinet being "the voice of bygone times" and the lute joining in "to create polyrhythmic structures allowing both new and old times to flow together in their original compositions.”

As we transition into the final half hour of the show, we hear two tracks from a wonderful tribute album to the late German songwriter, cabaret artist, poet and author Christian Stählin, as performed by former companions and colleagues of his. After that, we board a plane to Jamaica and tune in to the track "Safe from Harm", taken from the recent Adrian Sherwood-produced album "Midnight Rocker" by legendary singer Horace Andy, who will be performing live in Frankfurt on August 7th. We then head back to the roots behind the sounds of "Racines", the latest album by Malian guitarist Vieux Farka Touré, and remain in Mali, as Berlin five-piece Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers and Tuareg singer, guitarist and songwriter Ahmed Ag Kaedy (Amanar de Kidal) embark on a unique musical exploration of Saharan blues rock fused with layered, jazzy psychedelic krautfunk (read more here). From there we head southeast to Malawi to hear the "ruthless"  yet joyous rhythms of Madlitso Band, before zoning out to new sounds by Berlin's folk and bluegrass three-piece St. Beaufort on "I'm Coming Back". 

Click the player below to stream the full show and watch the official video to Ilkka Arola Sound Tagine's "Blue and Golden". As always, feel free to spread the word and explore more far-reaching selections via Greedio on Mixcloud and Spotify. Visit Weltbeat for the detailed playlist.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom