Demystifying Yiddish

Presented By The Los Angeles Jewish Home
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For the “meshugenah” Jewish Monkeys, Yiddish is a cultural byproduct of their Ashkenazi heritage, part of their jargon, easily blended into their versatile lyrics. For others Yiddish remains a mystery, resembling German, Hebrew and something entirely different all at once.

Yiddish is in fact an old language, a medieval form of Middle High German, embellished with Hebrew words. Although it was widely spoken among the Jews of Europe and Russia, it was [...]

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Jewish Monkeys X Paul Wallfisch

"Black But Sweet" Live In Hamburg 2015
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Earlier this year in April, the Jewish Monkeys embarked on their seven-stop "Springtime For Hinkel" Tour through North and East Germany. Playing the well-established Hamburg Kampnagel venue, they were supported by none other than the ubertalented, musical globetrotter Paul Wallfisch, who decided to join them on piano for this crooning, 'live but sweet' rendition of their controversial track "Black But Sweet", which you can relive below:

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Boom Pam X Trifonas

A Sensational Rembetiko Track Reinterpreted
GreedyforBestMusic-Boom Pam-Trifonas-Ematha Pos Eisai Magkas-screenshot

A near decade ago at the 2006 WOMEX (World Music Expo) showcase, the acclaimed Colin Bass of Camel, aka Sabah Habas Mustapha of the legendary 3 Mustaphas 3, introduced our dear friends Boom Pam to the world, coincidentally launching their international touring career with the following words:

“Twanging guitars of Tel Aviv mix heady Eastern Mediterranean cocktail: At first was the word around the night-clubs and parties of the Tel Aviv music scene. Boom Pam. [...]

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Yalla Boom!

Boom Pam Is Off To The Beach
GreedyforBestMusic-Boom Pam-Maor Cohen-Yalla Boom-screenshot

Jewish Monkeys' partners in crime Boom Pam have teamed up with renowned singer Maor Cohen for their latest music video, which sees them spending some quality time at a crowded Tel Aviv beach. Yalla Boom!

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South Africa's Niche Streaming Service

Cape Town, RSA – Building on the idea that "niche doesn't necessarily mean small", entrepreneur Catherine Lückhoff is currently in the midst of creating a niche oriented music streaming service to cater to the more particular musical demands of like-minded individuals across the globe. While streaming juggernauts the likes of Spotify, Pandora or more recently Apple Music fail to take full advantage of such often overlooked, yet equally important segments of [...]

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Sounds of Tel Aviv

Kutiman's Musical Journey Through The Israeli Metropolis
GreedyforBestMusic-Kutiman-Thru Tel Aviv-screen shot-small

Earlier this year, Israeli multi-instrumentalist and genuine jack of all trades Ophir Kutiel, better known under his alias Kutiman, joined forces with the British Council and digital arts platform The Space to literally mix the city, by creating a highly entertaining, interactive composition, inviting users to re-arrange the sounds of Tel Aviv. In the spirit of his ThruYOU YouTube mix series Kutiman gathers 12 musicians from Tel Aviv's vibrant musical [...]

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Owiny Sigoma Band Presents 3rd Album & Documentary
GreedyforBestMusic-Owiny Sigoma Band-Nyanza-cover-Bandcamp

World Music pathfinder Gilles Peterson recently presented a new short film, documenting the recording of London-based and part-Kenyan Owiny Sigoma Band's upcoming third album project "Nyanza", to be released on Brownswood Recordings the end of August.

Five years in, London brothers Louis (bass) and Jesse Hackett (vox/keys) along with their school friend Tom Skinner (drums) originally got together with the two elderly, masterful Luo musicians Joseph Nyamungu [...]

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Kenaro Narvalo

Aälma Dili Drink It Up
GreedyforBestMusic-Aalma Dili-(c)Muriel Delepont-presspic

These ‘crazy souls’ can definitely hold their drink. Watching their latest video, it’s almost like we’ve all been there before and can relate to some extent. After a booze-tinged night on the town, a raucous band of friends meets back at their neighbourhood bar in the wee morning hours to keep the spirits high and see their buddy off in worthy, celebratory fashion. “Kenavo Narvalo”, or ‘goodbye crazy one’, is the latest track by this [...]

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Straight From Kinshasa

Congolese supergroup rings in new era in African music
GreedyforBestMusic-Mbongwana Star-From Kinshasa-press pic

Straight from the Democratic Republic of Congo’s vibrant capitol Kinshasa, comes this new supergroup made up of street legends ‘Coco’ Ngambali and ‘Theo’ Nsituvuidi, formerly of Staff Benda Bilili, who teamed up with Irish producer Liam Farrell (i.e. Tony Allen “Black Voices”), alias Doctor L, to form Mbongwana Star and release their debut album “From Kinshasa” via World Circuit Records (i.e. Buena Vista Social Club, Fatoumata Diawara). [...]

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I Have No Everything Here

A Prison Project from Malawi
GreedyforBestMusic-Zomba Prison Project-I Have No Everything Here-cover-front

Two years ago, in the summer of 2013, the American Grammy-winning producer Ian Brennan (Tinariwen, TV on the Radio) and his Italian wife Marilena Delli, a documentarian and photographer herself, embarked on an impressive journey to the southeast African country of Malawi to realise a musical human rights project in the local Zomba prison. The two had previously travelled to other countries including Rwanda, South Sudan, Palestine, Nairobi and Algeria in search [...]

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