The Same Dance

Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino's Mauro Durante Launches Beautiful Split-Screen Dance Project

As many countries across the globe have slowly begun to lift certain precautionary measures, in an attempt to aid their struggling economies, social distancing remains a global issue. Naturally, those who can still choose to stay at home as much as possible. Yet, even though this is a time of separation for most of us, there is also a growing need for support, solidarity and togetherness, if only virtual, to alleviate the effects of social isolation. In [...]

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Les Vikings De La Guadeloupe

Heavenly Sweetness Reissues 14-Track Tribute To The Pioneers Of Biguine Jazz

The Vikings from Guadeloupe...we'll let that resonate for a minute, before we proceed. These 1960s legends from the French Antilles are the pioneers of Biguine jazz as well as the archipelago's first true rockstars. In many ways "they embodied the same spirit of liberty and anti-conformism" as other leading international bands and artists of the times and "with their unorthodox dress sense reinvented the music of the tropics and shook up its conventions."

Their [...]

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Kutiman Returns With Dreamy 8-Minute-30-Something Jazzpedition Through The Night

It's only been about two months, but considering the current isolated situation, it seems like ages ago that we thoroughly rejoiced over Kutiman's blazing desert funk EP "Saluf", containing two standout tracks that were just what we had been hoping to hear from the multi-talented Israeli producer. While that record is still grooving on our turntable, here comes another adventurous, jazz-infused piece of music by the man himself, entitled "Layla". 

Releasing [...]

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The Scorpios

Sudanese Septet Releases Hypnotic Debut On Afro7 Records
GreedyforBestMusic-The-Scorpios-The Scorpios-afro-7-Bandcamp

Listening is key. This is one of the motifs that has been a recurrent theme in our daily work and still rings true. We listen and thus we learn. We discover new music by listening to the music others discover before us and follow their lead. Then, we introduce others to the music we value, hoping they'll listen, and so on and so forth. It was listening to Danish vocalist, producer and dj Astrid Engberg's "Djiguiya Mix" for Copenhagen-based record shop Palmspree [...]

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Analog Africa Shares Special 'Stay Safe & Sound' Compilation Of Amazonian Cumbia From Perú

It didn't take much convincing, but we've come to the following conclusion: When the going gets tough, we need to turn to music to soothe our souls, swing our moods and act as an antidote to whatever is weighing heavily on our minds. Enter Analog Africa and Ranil, who, in light of the ongoing global pandemic, decided to share a selection of ten more tracks to accompany the latter's recently released project "Ranil y Su Conjunto Tropical (Limited Dance [...]

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Maghreb K7 Club

Bongo Joe Records Drops A Vicious Compilation Of North African Synth Raï, Chaoui & Staifi (1985-1997)

Geneva-based 'fournisseur' of contemporary underground releases Les Disques Bongo Joe has just hit big in our books with its latest release, a sizzling compilation composed of Maghreb music straight from the cultural melting pot of – who would have guessed – Lyon. While we were well aware of France's colonial pursuits in North Africa and subsequent migration from these territories, this release positively blindsided us. It also happens to bear an incredible [...]

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London's Awale Jant Band Releases Electrifying Senegalese Soul / Afro-Fusion Wake Up Call

Truly uplifting, just like a new day's first rays of sun, trees and flowers in bloom or an unexpected window of opportunity. Even with the current lockdown situation, one thing is certain, spring is in the air and musically heralding this change of seasons is the new studio album by London's Awale Jant Band on ARC Music

Led by Senegalese singer Biram Seck and composed, engineered and mixed by French band leader/guitarist Thibaut Remy, "Yewoulen" (which [...]

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L'Orchestre National de Mauritanie

A Rare Mauritanian Gem From The Vaults Of Christopher Kirkley's Sahel Sounds

Late last week, with artists and labels worldwide already feeling the economic effects of COVID-19, Bandcamp decided to renounce its fee for a day and relay all revenue directly to the artists as a form of financial support. All day emails flooded our inbox, teasing new releases and vying for attention. This week, Bandcamp announced that the fundraising campaign had been a success: "On a typical Friday, fans buy about 47,000 items on Bandcamp, but this past [...]

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Green Dogs of Dahshur

The Dwarfs Of East Agouza Ready Entrancing New Four-Tracker On Akuphone

The COVID-19 quarantine days are slowly but surely creeping up on us and putting our sanity to the test. In a 'Black Mirror'-like scenario our screens have become a welcome escape and the internet a friend in need, as we tirelessly scroll the web in perpetual search of new music to get us through these taxing times. 

Enter Cheb Gero's Akuphone imprint, always leading the way in terms of highly engaging, off-the-beaten-track releases, e.g. Kink Gong, Gamelan [...]

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Koichi Sakai & Afla Sackey Release Debut Collaborative Full-Length On Olindo Records

With so many great collaborative projects surfacing the world around, this one had us locked in from the start. It was actually the magnificent artwork by Berlin-based artist Denis Faneites that reeled us in and then of course the Olindo Records seal of quality (see also Betsayda Machado, Isaac Sasson and Insólito UniVerso). But back to "Wono". 

Building on the success of their eponymous 2019-released EP with remixes by the likes of grandmaster Osunlade and [...]

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Bill Laswell's Essential Early '90s Moroccan Recording Receives First-Ever Vinyl Treatment

Upon listening to this recording, our first reaction was to turn down the volume. However, we were also quick to  realise that, although this may not be one for the faint of heart or faith, may not be what we would categorise as 'easy listening', it is most definitely an essential if not iconic piece of work, bound to widen our musical horizon. And if that doesn't convince you, it was recorded and produced by the master of 'collision music' Bill Laswell. No? [...]

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We Are All Migrants

Italy's Canzionere Grecanico Salentino Release "Solo Andata", A Haunting Tribute To 'The Uncountable'

It's March 2020 and, once again, we find ourselves negotiating the fate of thousands of men, women and children, seeking refuge and asylum in the European Union. People remain on the move and 'Fortress Europe' seemingly continues to believe that paying money to foreign powers to keep the proverbial floodgates closed is not just an option, but an actual solution. And then, to our great surprise, it is not. Wars in faraway lands keep on waging and waves of [...]

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