Multi-Talented Israeli Producer Kutiman Serves Up Psychotropic, Tabla-Led Two-Tracker On Siyal Music

You may have heard the title track "Guruji" setting ears ablaze in our "Greedio X July '21" playlist on Spotify. If so, then you are well aware that the man himself, Kutiman, is back with another highly combustible two-tracker on Siyal Music . Adding to the mix is now the official B-side "Majan", taking a more "meditative" approach than its predecessor, yet equally resounding.

We last covered the prolific and infinitely versatile Israeli producer, aka Ophir [...]

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Self-Taught Rio-Based Sound Researcher Vasconcelos Sentimento Releases Prismatic Debut On Far Out Recordings

Rio resident Vasconcelos Sentimento, aka Guilherme Esteves, is a "self-taught composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist" and self-proclaimed "amateur euphoric sound researcher," who just released his adventurous debut album on Far Out Recordings. "Furto" features "a mosaic of lo-fi breaks, cosmic ambient jazz and wonky chromatic funk," seemingly brought together in a beautiful whirl of DIY spontaneity and melodic curiosity. Though undoubtedly rooted in jazz, [...]

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Nella Misura In Cui

Four Flies Records Release Sultry 1979 Italian Golden Age Soundtrack By Augusto Martelli

Disco, you either love it or can no longer stand it. In our case it's the first and upon hearing the latest 'reissue' or rather "the first complete release of Augusto Martelli's sultry" golden age soundtrack to Italian director Piero Vivarelli's 1979 "delicious erotic-exotic flick" entitled "Nella Misura In Cui", we felt obliged to do a short write-up.

Despite not having watched the movie, the choice to feature Martelli's undeniably groovy movie score was a [...]

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So La Ma La

North-Ghanaian Kologo-ologist Guy One Returns To Philophon Records With Frafra-Driven 7" Release

Bolgatanga's one and only (no pun intended) Guy One returns to Max Weissenfeldt's Berlin-based Philophon imprint with an infectiously upbeat two-track 7" release and a brand new band. The award-winning Kologo authority leads the way with his two-stringed proto-banjo, accompanied by "Kumasi's finest young talents, plus Florence Adooni and Tenni Akagam as his choir voices." 

On the A-side, "So La Ma La" hits the ground running with "a straight-forward Highlife [...]

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Tuff Time$

Johannesburg-Based Duo Stiff Pap Unveils Riveting And Fiercely Uncompromising New Album

It comes as no surprise that the title "Riders on the Storm", a track made world-famous by The Doors, would come to be the opener of Stiff Pap's recently released album project "TUFF TIME$", seeing as they are literally out there riding the current storm. Strained economies, a worldwide pandemic and local South African strife add to the Johannesburg-based duo's riveting mix of progressive electronic styles, blending an alternative hiphop spirit with African [...]

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Dost 1

Hamburg's Anatolian Psych-Pop Outfit Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek Unveil The 1st Part Of Their 2nd Album

Turn your dials to the latest six-track release by "Anatolian psych-pop sensations" Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek, who are back with a new batch of musical lightning. Last Friday, the Hamburg-based group unveiled its second album, "the first of a two-part series to be released in 2021" via Bongo Joe/Catapulte Records. Having gained well-deserved and steadily increasing worldwide acclaim for their "contemporary takes on traditional Anatolian folk ballads, [...]

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This is Tehran?

Hamburg's 30M Records Invites Us On A Contemporary, Genre-Crossing Sonic Trip To Iran

Tehran, the Iranian capital and cultural melting pot, is not just home to a population of approximately 15 million, but also accommodates a vibrant music scene with many a hidden gem yet to be discovered by Western audiences. Sure, we've covered a few uncharted releases in the past, such as Hamburg-born and Tehran-based sound visionary Ata 'Sote' Ebtekar's "Parallel Persia" (2019) and "Sacred Horror in Design" (2017) or Iranian composer Morteza Hannaneh's [...]

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Hot Casa Records Releases Ecstatic Fourth Album By Peter Solo's Vaudou Game

It's been three years since we picked up on the wicked charms of ebullient French-Togolese afro-funk collective Vaudou Game by ways of their third album "OTODI". Led by equally effervescent and formerly masked bandleader Peter Solo and shrouded in a spiritual mist, Vaudou Game was quick to win us over with a whole lot of funk and pizzazz. The group continues to be a force to be reckoned with and just dropped its fourth longplayer on Hot Casa Records. Enter "[...]

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Hive Mind Records Release Deeply Hypnotic Amazigh Music By Moroccan Berber Artist Hassan Wargui

At this time, we'd like to direct your attention to the always stellar Brighton-based imprint Hive Mind Records, who just recently put out a beautiful record by Berber artist Hassan Wargui. Originally recorded alongside a group of friends in 2015 and subsequently self-released on YouTube, due to a lack of viable alternatives and "a music infrastructure in Morocco", it is now seeing its first official release. Simply entitled "Tiddukla" ('Friendship'), it [...]

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Cologne's Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble Releases Grooving Debut Album On Rebel Up! Records

Last Friday marked release day for the much anticipated sophomore / debut album "Mamari" by afrobeat-inspired multi-instrumentalist and "punk provocateur" Niklas Mündemann's one-man show turned thrilling power ensemble Muito Kaballa from Cologne, Germany. We may have lost you there, so let's rewind, shall we? 

A few years back, answering to a surge of inspiration and a knack for improvisation, Niklas Mündemann went out and bought himself a loop station, [...]

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Disko Telegraf

Romanian Duo Balkan Taksim Releases Long-Awaited And Intricately Woven Debut Album On Buda Musique

Roughly one month after we premiered the official companion video to their cinematic fourth album outtake "Žali Zare", a scintillating reinterpretation of a popular song from Southern Serbia, the Bucharest-based duo Balkan Taksim is set to unveil its long-awaited debut effort on Buda Musique. Today marks release day for "Disko Telegraf", as multi-instrumentalist Sașa-­Liviu Stoianovici and producer Alin Zăbrăuțeanu present 13 heady tracks, situated [...]

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Italian Producer Khalab Presents Afrofuturist Audio Documentary Recorded In Mauritanian Refugee Camp

Some three years after releasing his pivotal afro-centric and poly-phonic tapestry of future bass, jazz and field recordings, entitled "Black Noise 2084", the multi-talented Italian producer, writer and artistic director Raffaele Constantino, aka Khalab, has readied a new project that is somewhat difficult to put into words and best listened to in its entirety. Let us nonetheless provide you with some context as a backdrop for what you are about to [...]

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