08/02/2022Mystical Cumbia-Not-Cumbia Outfit Combo Chimbita Drops Otherworldly New Album On Anti-

A resounding "Oyaaa, Oyaaa" heralds Combo Chimbita's roaring return to the global circuit with a resplendent new album on ANTI-. Briefly titled "IRÉ", the lush and vibrant 12-tracker yields 45 minutes of divine blessings, while, more importantly, taking a stand, "a brazen propulsive affirmation of revolutionary futures in the making." On it Carolina Oliveros (vocals, guacharaca), Niño Lento es Fuego (guitar), Prince of Queens (bass, synthesizers) and Dilemastronauta (drums) lead the fearless charge to "continue their mystical saga."

"IRÉ" is the group's fourth release and, as revealed in the album's liner notes, a "cathartic" ride to psychotropic realms rooted firmly in Combo Chimbita's crystal-clear vision. "Afro-Caribbean transcendance, bewildering chants, booming drums and psychedelic distortion lay the rhythmic foundation; a testament to the ever expanding scope of Combo Chimbita's sonic palette. and their modes of resistance in realms both spiritual and terrestrial." And the production is such, that it is Impossible not to feel. 

Channeling a highly relatable building frustration, born from the current pandemic situation and rising uncertainty in the world, "IRÉ finds its rallying spark in convulsive present day realities by metabolising the anxieties of systemic racism, capitalist decadence, totalitarian governments and the attempted erasure of queer and trans people." Recorded and mixed in Puerto Rico the album is a sonorous call to unity and freedom in all its forms of expression, both spiritual and human. It is also delivers an urgent message to the "next torch bearers," presented with a striking punk allure.

Click below to stream the full album and heed the call. 'Cathartic' sounds about right.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom