30/11/2021Captivating Duo Kit Sebastian Releases Positively Haunting Sophomore LP On Mr Bongo

Haunted by a melody, or several melodies actually, we keep on returning to the October-released sophomore album by London-based duo Kit Sebastian, aka Kit Martin and Merve Erdem. The captivating two-piece unveiled its second album "Melodi" on Mr Bongo a few weeks back and we are absolutely enthralled. Delivering the much anticipated follow-up to their stunning 2019 debut "Mantra Moderne", Kit Sebastian continue to raise the bar in terms of composition, songwriting and production, while remaining true to their diverse sonic palate "that blurs the boundaries of world music, jazz and psychedelia."

Blending rich vintage soundscapes with audible influences from Turkish psych, French chanson, "Avengers"-style crime funk and more, their latest 10-track offering, though retro in feel, "is very much a modern record" and brimming with ideas. "The album’s range of instrumentation has expanded from the previous record to include zithers, harpsichords, congas, bongos, bulbul tarang, and a mock-up choir on top of the synthesizers, balalaikas, organs, and saxophones. Session musicians and friends were also booked to introduce trumpet and string sections giving the album an added depth and orchestral texture," with Merve leading the way on vocals, "taking cues from the Turkish singers of her youth." 

Adding to the mix is that gorgeous, slighty out of tune, saloon-style piano that really ties the album together, driving listeners delightfully insane with harmonious discord and evoking a world of dusty vinyl and arthouse movies. Likewise, "Melodi" is reminiscent of retrieving a shoebox of yellowed old letters, providing glimpses into a strangely familiar past, to be contemplated in the present. Its melodic and melancholic tales of love, break-ups and forgiveness are pensive yet infectiously upbeat, steering clear of clichés to deliver a unique perspective on contemporary pop. No doubt these melodies will positively haunt us until we hit repeat.

You can stream/buy the full album via Bandcamp, check Kit Sebatian's Instagram profile for more insights into some of the tracks on the album and/or hit play below to watch the duo's "Orchestral French Funk" mix for My Analog Journal.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom