Yellah, Let's Go

09/03/2022Sudanese Collective The Scorpios Releases Highly Anticipated Sophomore Full-Length On Afro7

It's been a long, long time and a lot has happened in the world since London-based Sudanese collective The Scorpios released their critically acclaimed debut album on Afro7. Five years is it? Luckily for us, we first heard of the band via Astrid Engberg's Palmspree Mix and thus had a somewhat shorter wait.

"Let's Go" is the title of album number two by The Scorpios and it does not disappoint. Having added Japanese keyboard legend Izumi Kobayashi to the already potent mix is just one of the striking novelties of their sophomore full-length that will be sure to draw listeners in off the bat with the cosmic entrance of "Shuraq Alshama: Sunrise". And that's before we reach the group's 2018-released, dancefloor-ready hit single "Mashena" that turns the heat up yet another notch, its mesmerising instrumentals led by the charismatic voice of Regia Ishag and the accompanying male voicing of Osman Mohammed, Osman Babo and Khamal Gourmborr.

The album's nine tracks were recorded at the iconic Abbey Road studios back in 2018 with two of the tracks being live recordings. "Let's Go" is a statement to the band's growth (both literally and metaphorically speaking) and sees them "pushing their signature sound even further, colouring tones [and] fusing elements of traditional Sudanese music with dub and funk [to create] that unique groove that makes the Scorpios so great." Switching back and forth from traditional rhythms and song to more contemporary soundscapes, the album, in all its cohesiveness, keeps you guessing, always retaining an element of pleasant surprise.

Following a digital release in November 2021, the vinyl edition is now in shops and absolutely kicking. What more to say than: It's about time!

Also, if you’re looking to head a bit more leftfield, there’s the recently released ambient album “Paradise Yard: Sudan to Catford” the band recorded alongside London-based DIY improvisor Adam Bohman to be found on their Bandcamp.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom